Saturday, October 22, 2011

Samstag Sum up

I've been horrible about blogging, so here's a summary (go school improvement strategy!) of my life this last quarter (can't believe the school year's a quarter over!).

Todd and I started looking at houses about a month ago.  What a task!  Once we  decided on a price range and the part of town... our options dwindled.  We've taken a few weeks off but are heading back to one we'd seen at the beginning this morning.  It's nerve-wracking... we like the house.  There are always pros and cons.  Who knows!

I had decided over the summer to start my masters degree at Baker but wasn't quite sure when I would start.  I met with an admissions counselor and decided to start this fall.  After a bit of procrastinating, I found out we would be starting at the end of October (Wednesday to be exact!).  Then, Todd came home last week deciding he would be starting his MBA (also Baker).  After a quite impromptu meeting, he gets to start Monday.  So this next week will begin a very hectic life for the two of us!

Liebe Grüße!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Schuljahr

After an eventful beginning of August (read: The School caught fire... crazy winds cancelled area schools the first week), school is once again in session for this teach'.

I'm feeling better about teaching this year and thought my class sizes were kicking booty until the end of week 1.  My nice classes of 25-30 are all up to 30-34.  YIKES!

Even though my German class is, if I may say, pretty stinkin' awesome, I am teaching English again this year.  No biggie.  It's probably a good thing but I really hope that in the next year or two, my German program will be full time.  (Pretty sure if a certain, other teacher were still at The School, it'd be full time...)

Here are my lovely numbers going in to week 2:
German 1 (two classes): 64
German 2 (plus independent studies): 31
German 3 (plus independent studies): 15
German 4 (plus independent study): 4
English 11: 31

My trip's still on for Germany in June and we're having another informational meeting in September... lots of interest, so hopefully I can enroll some more students and earn more free spots!  

Hooray for Deutsch! :)  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The neue little Hund!

I've been MIA.  My apologies.  I honestly have no good excuse... up until last Thursday, when I bought a dog.

I feel horrible saying that.   I bought a dog.  I did not "rescue" her; well, not in the sense that I had intended, but I did rescue her.

"Beagle puppy" had been at the pet store for three months (she's 18 weeks).  She had almost gone home with several families.  She had never played in the grass.  She had never been loved.

So, I rescued her.  And she's the cutest, sweetest, most hyper, most lovable thing I have ever known.  She stole my heart because she is awesome.

World, meet Bailey Sue.  All 10.5 pounds of her!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Der große Umzug

At long last... it's finally happened!  The "it" in question, of course, being the big move!   

Last Friday, Todd and I got the keys to our sparkly, new apartment (minus the sparkle and new-- but it's new to us, right?!).  Thanks to graduation weekend, our moving plans were chaotic to say the least.  We started loading things up and moving my things from the parents' place to the apartment late Friday evening, Todd moved his things Saturday morning, and we got the rest Saturday after THS graduation. 

A few pictures and most curtains have been hung but we went all weekend without hot water.  A fun task, I tell you!  Finally got cable this week, bringing with it the joys of Law and Order and the internet! (I'll definitely celebrate for Bones and House when given the chance!)

Tonight's agenda is the big grocery trip.  Gasp.  Todd thinks I'll cook.  Silly boy.  He must think he's living with someone else!  .... okay... I will give it a try (and two bites in, he'll beg me to stop?!... wishful thinking!).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gott sei Dank!

After months of stress, job applications, hoping, praying, frustrating (and did I say stress?), our prayers are answered!

Friday afternoon I had a missed call from the apartment complex that Todd and I have been on the waiting list for.  After some talking and breaking the news to the Parents, we signed the application forms and will be moving into a two bedroom apartment mid-May!  

Last Monday Todd interviewed for a second job at a great corporation headquartered here in Topeka.  He still had never heard back about the first job but he thought the interview went really well and was hopeful.  A few days later, the HR gal called and told him they'd heard great things but had a few more interviews to go before they were doing anything.  He was trying SO hard to stay positive but a few days turned into 3, 4, then 5 days. No word.  Hope was fading.  Finally at about 4 o'clock today, the HR gal called to thank him for his patience and offer the job!  Just in time.  Big hooray and celebration in order!!

They do say good things come in threes.  

However, I will have to tell you the third when I find out!! :)

**EDIT**   So... after a few confused conversations, I realized how horribly worded the last two sentences of my post are!  I am NOT awaiting results of _any_ tests!  I only meant that I am not sure what the next good thing in my life will be!   **EDIT**

Monday, April 11, 2011

Countdown Begins

29 and a half days of school (with students) left!  Add in 2 full professional development days and 2 half days after they're done.  Under a month by the end of this week!  

Things have been crazy.  Not much has happened with my masters application.  Todd went to WU to talk about going back to school.  And all I know is that it's been way. too. nice. for me to be at The School.

I have been planning a student trip to Germany for June 2012 since I started teaching and am beyond excited to say that I have 9 students and a grandparent officially enrolled to travel with us already!  A few parents said that would go if more adults didn't go, my parents would love to go, a fellow teacher would like to go and, if possible, Todd will go. If I may say so myself....I kick recruiting booty!!

Fun school story for the week:  I started reading The Things They Carried in Junior English.. which officially gives me a legitimate excuse to say "Shut the f- up" to my students... okay, not to but in front of (and I only say 'f-' not the word!!) :) Lots of giggles and a few gasps.  Ohhhh high school!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to school

This blog title has double meanings.  

1.  Spring break is over.  Back to the grind.  But on the positive side, only about a month and a half left.

2.  I have spent the day writing application letters and gathering resources to apply for a Master of Education in World Language Instruction program.  If I get my ducks in a row and am accepted, I will begin my master's this July in Minnesota (never been, hope it's as lovely as the pics suggest!).  I would spend this July in Minnesota, take online courses next school year, return to Minnesota in July next summer, and work on my thesis the following fall! 

It's nerve-wracking and exciting.  I was very torn on what path to take with my masters but when I heard about this option, it makes perfect sense.  I can continue my focus with German AND education.  The idea of only having a master's degree in education bothered me but a master's in German is scary to me!  This is a nice little compromise in both directions, I think.

So, onward I go in my journey to write papers and attain references!