Thursday, May 27, 2010

ich bin noch hier!

I typed this up a week or so ago… forgot to hit post! So here goes.

Second week of working full time at The Office has begun. Just as I returned, I was told that one of my favorite people of all time was being forced to resign from The Office. Basically, a load of scheiβe. So, the week is to be filled with some of the best downtown lunch places.

Mrs. Grey House will be very much missed.

Day one back at The Office, one of my other favorite (much less authentically) employees of The Office told me, in not so many words, that I wouldn’t be able to do my job as well as the girl training me. Aw, shucks. How sweet. As Mrs. Gray House would say, what a c-unit. On the contrary, however, I am becoming numb. My brain is slowly being destroyed by insultingly mundane tasks and constant SITTING STILL. My 16 weeks at THS made me very much accustomed to talking loudly all day and moving around whenever and almost whenever I pleased. Welcome back desk and chair. My back and butt have NOT missed you.

So, now that The Office will have an eerie silence to it, I’m not sure what to do. Although, I am increasingly confident that I will never, under no circumstances, remain in The Office after this summer and I will always think politics are a joke.

And from today:

Things are slightly better than I had begun to suspect they would be here at The Office. Although, I’d be lying if I said that auditing and bank reports made much sense to me. How does one calculate half of this stuff anyway? First, please translate into layman’s English and then get back to me! What a mess. It would be awful if they were audited on-site and found to be perfectly fine… that I was the one without a brain and beyond incompetent!!

My job hunt is entirely fruitless and insanely frustrating. I still have received ZERO phone calls requesting interviews. One school district made calls about me but big whoop. They never even got to me. My German job at THS is still open. I keep hoping THAT one will come through. It’s the ONE I really want. SO SEHR! Drückt ihr die Daumen, bitte.

The Family is headed to Wetmore, Kansas this weekend. Look out for fascinating photos of…. vast nothingness. I mean, really? The Bro-in-law and other sister are super excited about fishing. Actually, both sisters and the bro-in-law have shiny, new fishing poles and mein Vater bought a net. Really? That’s all I have to say. I’m taking a book. Yes, I’m sure I’ll give in to peer pressure (does anyone actually not give in to peer pressure?) and fish a bit, but don’t you worry. I’m still me—I won’t enjoy it!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

So this is it..?

I just submitted my last undergraduate paper.  Anti-climatic. 

I start working full-time next week.  Not really excited, of course.  I just want the money!  I am excited to say that The Looking Glass  has set their summer day to sign up for appointments.   So, by June 25, I should have enough money to get my rocking new tat... or at least, get it set up!  Wunderbar!  

My "real" job hunt is still dead.  THS was supposed to have posted their part-time German job yesterday.  No such luck.  So I wait.  I've applied at shady districts in KC, several districts in Topeka.  There's just no love.  I did the unthinkable just now.  I applied for a job in Illinois.  Who am I?  Really?  It will probably be the one job that I am offered.  Then what?  I take it and live in Illinois.  I'd probably be back on the dating market if I did that...!!  I'm not sure if that's a joke or not..!!

Having applied for that job sets my plans back.  As most anyone who knows me knows, I want to move out.  My plan has been work for a month or two and save up, then get a place.  If I move.... that would be silly.  So cross your fingers that THS offers me a rocking German job and something to make it full-time so I can move out and live here!!