Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Job Hunt: Initiate.

The semester is quickly wrapping up. Can you believe it?  I can't.  

Job hunting has begun... if full swing, so to speak.  I need to hit it still harder but that's a bit complicated when no one is posting jobs!  Not a single district has posted any openings.  I lie.  Washburn Rural posted two English positions forever ago.  To tell the truth... I'd rather German.  Who'd have thought, right?  I know the guy I taught German with at GHS is retiring.  I'm crossing my fingers.  I signed up to take my Praxis test in German, which was supposed to be in April.  Not happening-- the next test date is June 12-- which happens to be two of my good friends' weddings.  Ick.  That will make for a fun, fun day!

Summer jobs is an even more bleak scene though.  I applied at several stores at the mall, a few outside the mall, the Census Bureau.  No one is offering consistent hours that will start AFTER May 1. The Census Bureau wanted me to start too soon with no exceptions.  A store at the mall wanted me to work on-call (as in.. never know my schedule more than a few hours in advance, SWEEET) starting immediately.  That DEFINITELY wouldn't work.  Talk about stressful.  I'm crossing my fingers.  My aunt works at a really good place in town and has connections to a few other places, as does my uncle.  As the Germans say, Drück mir die Daumen! :)  

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank God es ist Freitag!

Another week down.    Let's see... I started teaching senior comp.  Went really well, actually.  Although I feel like I'm doing significantly less planning so far, things take longer than I think they will,usually, which helps so much!  In German, it was always the total opposite.  I would plan for HOURS and think, this is great!  Such and such activity should take 30 minutes, then this will take at least 10, if not fifteen.  HA!  30 minutes turned into 15 and 10 or 15 turned into... maybe 5, if I got lucky.  Obviously, the fact that the kids are mostly writing in composition helps.  A lot less pressure on me.  Explain the assignment and... GO!

Outside the high school building, what's to say?  Well, I applied for a few summer jobs yesterday.  Cross your fingers.  Who knew March 11 was "late" in the season to be applying?  Argh.  I went to Eddie Bauer and David's Bridal and took the employment test for the Census 2010.  The Census pays the best but I'd probably be knocking on my fellow Topekans' doors.  No offense to any of you, but... ew. 

At 3:30 today, Spring Break starts!  Best things about being a teacher: Variety, Spring Break, Summer. 

Not a whole lot going on as far as the permanent job front.  No one's really even posting their positions yet.  It's making me cringe a bit but I know there have to be, at the least, a few positions.  The German position as this building is obviously open and it's not posted yet... so I'm holding on to that glimmer of hope!

Yesterday was an emotional day.  During my lunch I read that Conan was touring.  SWEET!  Conan's amazing.  All you nay-sayers, bug off.  I was ecstatic!   I sent out a text and asked anyone if they wanted to join me.  No questions, I am going, sort of thing.  By the time I got home... it was already 100% sold out!  Even the $500 seats were gone.  Apparently, not that many nay-sayers in the KC area :)  So, my hopes were crushed.  Hopefully another great concert will come around.  I already declined Michael Buble (I know, stupid)... Wicked came in October... hmmm, someone's got to help me out!

Monday, March 8, 2010

And jetzt...

Today's another lovely inservice day at Google High.  Yes, I said it.  Cringe, gag, roll your eyes, laugh, whatever.  No bother to me.  I just go with it.

I jump in tomorrow.  As in, I'm teaching again!  Yikes.  These people trust me a lot or something.  I'm going to be doing a modified Slambook with the senior composition classes.  A bit of an "unofficial handbook" for student teachers at the school.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm a bit nervous but glad to not sit and idly watch.

Next week is spring break.   I wish it meant sleeping until noon like it did in high school. Instead it means cranking out my 25 page WUPA.  Woo!  So excited.  But it also means the annual shopping trip and my birthday.  I'll officially be a mid-20-something!  

A final note:  Exciting news in the Amerikanische Haus this evening.  My mom is the District Teacher of the Year!  On to the state level now.  She's deserved this each of the last 29 years and finally got it! Go mama!! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

What is neu?

I've been home for 61 days.  How is that possible?!!  I was gone 4 months.... that means I've been home half as long as I was gone.  What. The. Heck?!  

4 days after I got home = student teaching.  After 8 weeks of student teaching in German, I started in English today!  Halfway done student teaching!  

Graduation is May 15.  6 years later, I finally am going to graduate.  AKA.... graduation party!!  Thoughts?  I don't know what to do.  Small, big... okay, guess those are the basic options.  :)

And.... another fun change since I got back: my dating life!  My boy next door crush finally paid off-- after he's lived there 9 years :)  And you all thought I was impatient!!!    I'll find an even better, older picture soon.  I promise!