Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wedding Update.

Not a lot of new info-- but thought I'd share!  

Topeka's Bridal Fair was last weekend.  The sisters, Mom, Kristi and I battled the bitter cold to check out the vendors.  Since I'm going through a wedding coordinator, it was mostly just informative... I'm going to trust her to recommend the "best" DJ and a lot of other things.  But I wanted to get a chance to look anyway.   After many a cake sample and some yummy catering bites, we left having paid for a videographer and the deposit for our photographer.   I'm sure the video guy is great but.. a bit cocky for my liking!  If he hadn't given a deal to do the sister's wedding and mine, I would have told him off. :)

My most exciting news (in my mind anyway!).  I had a Skype date with the lovely Katharina (aka German friend) this morning and finally got to ask her to be a part of my bridal party.  So, not only will she be there for my wedding but she is going to be a part of it!  Very excited.  My half of the bridal party is:  Andrea (twin), Erin (sis), Kristi (friend), and Katharina (German friend).  Hooray!    I have no idea if Todd knows who he will have yet!

I also asked a friend from work, the orchestra teacher and an excellent violinist, if she would play for the wedding, so check off the ceremony music!

I will be going to David's Bridal on Feb. 19 to try on dresses. Since I went to the Bridal Fair, if I find a dress that day, I will get a bit off the price.  No complaints there.  I will post some of the styles I'm liking later on.