Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Der große Umzug

At long last... it's finally happened!  The "it" in question, of course, being the big move!   

Last Friday, Todd and I got the keys to our sparkly, new apartment (minus the sparkle and new-- but it's new to us, right?!).  Thanks to graduation weekend, our moving plans were chaotic to say the least.  We started loading things up and moving my things from the parents' place to the apartment late Friday evening, Todd moved his things Saturday morning, and we got the rest Saturday after THS graduation. 

A few pictures and most curtains have been hung but we went all weekend without hot water.  A fun task, I tell you!  Finally got cable this week, bringing with it the joys of Law and Order and the internet! (I'll definitely celebrate for Bones and House when given the chance!)

Tonight's agenda is the big grocery trip.  Gasp.  Todd thinks I'll cook.  Silly boy.  He must think he's living with someone else!  .... okay... I will give it a try (and two bites in, he'll beg me to stop?!... wishful thinking!).