Friday, February 26, 2010


That's the Deutsch onomatopoeia for a sneeze... which I'm doing NON-STOP today!    As my mom keeps saying, this is why boyfriends are bad news!!

It's my last day student teaching German and I just found out we get out of school 10 minutes early today and are allowed to leave as soon as that bell rings (rather than the normal waiting until 3:30!).  Have I mentioned that I LOVE debate?  So, an hour and 20 minutes until I'm done with this half of student teaching!  ::victory dance::

On the agenda for the weekend: Friday: find something cute to wear to a wedding reception, meet up with HS friends.  Saturday:  grade tests, wedding reception.  Sunday: boyfriend's to celebrate his mother's birthday.  Yay for there being no lesson planning in those plans!

Gott sei Dank, es ist Freitag!

Ich bin back!

Back by popular demand-- ha, sort of.

My new, equally nerdy, blog is up, as requested! Hopefully, soon to be improved-- gotta keep up with the competition, ya know!