Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to school

This blog title has double meanings.  

1.  Spring break is over.  Back to the grind.  But on the positive side, only about a month and a half left.

2.  I have spent the day writing application letters and gathering resources to apply for a Master of Education in World Language Instruction program.  If I get my ducks in a row and am accepted, I will begin my master's this July in Minnesota (never been, hope it's as lovely as the pics suggest!).  I would spend this July in Minnesota, take online courses next school year, return to Minnesota in July next summer, and work on my thesis the following fall! 

It's nerve-wracking and exciting.  I was very torn on what path to take with my masters but when I heard about this option, it makes perfect sense.  I can continue my focus with German AND education.  The idea of only having a master's degree in education bothered me but a master's in German is scary to me!  This is a nice little compromise in both directions, I think.

So, onward I go in my journey to write papers and attain references!

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