Monday, April 11, 2011

Countdown Begins

29 and a half days of school (with students) left!  Add in 2 full professional development days and 2 half days after they're done.  Under a month by the end of this week!  

Things have been crazy.  Not much has happened with my masters application.  Todd went to WU to talk about going back to school.  And all I know is that it's been way. too. nice. for me to be at The School.

I have been planning a student trip to Germany for June 2012 since I started teaching and am beyond excited to say that I have 9 students and a grandparent officially enrolled to travel with us already!  A few parents said that would go if more adults didn't go, my parents would love to go, a fellow teacher would like to go and, if possible, Todd will go. If I may say so myself....I kick recruiting booty!!

Fun school story for the week:  I started reading The Things They Carried in Junior English.. which officially gives me a legitimate excuse to say "Shut the f- up" to my students... okay, not to but in front of (and I only say 'f-' not the word!!) :) Lots of giggles and a few gasps.  Ohhhh high school!

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