Thursday, July 14, 2011

The neue little Hund!

I've been MIA.  My apologies.  I honestly have no good excuse... up until last Thursday, when I bought a dog.

I feel horrible saying that.   I bought a dog.  I did not "rescue" her; well, not in the sense that I had intended, but I did rescue her.

"Beagle puppy" had been at the pet store for three months (she's 18 weeks).  She had almost gone home with several families.  She had never played in the grass.  She had never been loved.

So, I rescued her.  And she's the cutest, sweetest, most hyper, most lovable thing I have ever known.  She stole my heart because she is awesome.

World, meet Bailey Sue.  All 10.5 pounds of her!

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