Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Schuljahr

After an eventful beginning of August (read: The School caught fire... crazy winds cancelled area schools the first week), school is once again in session for this teach'.

I'm feeling better about teaching this year and thought my class sizes were kicking booty until the end of week 1.  My nice classes of 25-30 are all up to 30-34.  YIKES!

Even though my German class is, if I may say, pretty stinkin' awesome, I am teaching English again this year.  No biggie.  It's probably a good thing but I really hope that in the next year or two, my German program will be full time.  (Pretty sure if a certain, other teacher were still at The School, it'd be full time...)

Here are my lovely numbers going in to week 2:
German 1 (two classes): 64
German 2 (plus independent studies): 31
German 3 (plus independent studies): 15
German 4 (plus independent study): 4
English 11: 31

My trip's still on for Germany in June and we're having another informational meeting in September... lots of interest, so hopefully I can enroll some more students and earn more free spots!  

Hooray for Deutsch! :)  

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