Saturday, October 22, 2011

Samstag Sum up

I've been horrible about blogging, so here's a summary (go school improvement strategy!) of my life this last quarter (can't believe the school year's a quarter over!).

Todd and I started looking at houses about a month ago.  What a task!  Once we  decided on a price range and the part of town... our options dwindled.  We've taken a few weeks off but are heading back to one we'd seen at the beginning this morning.  It's nerve-wracking... we like the house.  There are always pros and cons.  Who knows!

I had decided over the summer to start my masters degree at Baker but wasn't quite sure when I would start.  I met with an admissions counselor and decided to start this fall.  After a bit of procrastinating, I found out we would be starting at the end of October (Wednesday to be exact!).  Then, Todd came home last week deciding he would be starting his MBA (also Baker).  After a quite impromptu meeting, he gets to start Monday.  So this next week will begin a very hectic life for the two of us!

Liebe Grüße!

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